JoyKill Collective


The Joykill Collective was forged in the attic of an artistic commune in Northampton. Initially as a solo project, Leif hit upon the idea of gathering together talented friends in various mediums. The project grew to include local musicians, writers, poets and filmmakers, many of whom lived and worked in the same commune as they slowly tried to make their way as artists in 21st century Britain. Many late nights, drunken arguments and heated political debates followed as friends and kindred spirits traded fading paperbacks, grew their own food on the rooftop garden and stayed up late into the night crafting lyrics and tracks and music videos. Soon, 'solo project' went out of the metaphorical window and the collective grew as other angry voices swarmed to join in Leif's politically-charged battle cries. The band are currently gaining inspiration exploring roads less travelled in Kazakhstan,China and Morocco, but are releasing their debut single back in the UK, due to the devastating political situation that is fast developing. This song is Battle Cry

Ned Dylan - Disco


Official music video for original acoustic punk singer-songwriter Ned Dylan's debut single 'Disco' (September 18th). Written by Ned Dylan Performed by the Ned Dylan band Produced by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes/Regina Spektor/Skin from Skunk Anansie) Filmed by Andrew Loveridge and Robin Billingham Edited by Andrew Loveridge Lead - Les Fruitbat Carter Bass - Richie Crockford Drums - Bom Guru - Insomniac Jack With special thanks to Thomas A Becket pub, Richard, Angus, Dan, and Far Heath Studios. Shot and edited over 24 hours.

Closed Circuit


On his first night on duty, a hapless museum security guard finds himself confronting an aggressive spirit. Welcome to the Graveyard Shift. Shot at the fantastic Wellingborough museum over three nights in March 2015; Closed Circuit is a fast paced, condensed ghost story with the scare factor turned up to the max.

The Midnight Inferno Trailer


When the residents of a small town begin to vanish without a trace, it's down to Sheriff Mason Palmer and his police department to investigate exactly what is going on. As his investigation delves deeper, he discovers that not everything is as it seems, and that the belief of a backwoods cult who worship the stars may not be as crazy as he once believed...

They're coming...

The Midnight Inferno is the next book from award-winning author A.M. Keen.



Only the most desperate of thieves would consider breaking in to a building to steal vintage port on Christmas Eve, but that is exactly what the man, simply known as Thief, has just done. Hired to bring back the drink for a collector of fine wines and spirits, Thief finds himself searching the intricate passage and cellar system beneath the Mason's Building, an ancient building with a gruesome legend. Upon hearing the caretaker making his final rounds for the night, Thief hides in the darkness in an attempt to remain undetected, and does so with great success. Now, locked inside, Thief need only wait until morning to secure his release, sneak out undetected and return to the employer with his prize. However, even if the caretaker didn't know of his presence, something down there does... As the night draws on, strange and un-natural events occur, testing Thief's nerve and pushing his fear level to the limits. With nothing more than a dodgy torch, dying mobile, a lighter and a bouncy ball, Thief must decide to either keep hold of his imagination or call the police to bust him out. With so much money riding on the items he has just procured, can he really let a few bumps and bangs cost him his job, or will he ride it out and let the darkness cost him his sanity?



Official Trailer for Nyctophobia (2014). Shot after the competition of the main project, the trailer for Nyctophobia serves as both a prequel to the storyline as well as a taster to the full film. The trailer premiered at The Film Lab Northampton in September 2014.

Jords' - Your Birthday Party (Acoustic Interlude)


Shot at a top secret derelict location in the Northamptonshire countryside, this music video features many firsts for AfterMidnight Productions. It is our first project to to be shot in a 4k resolution and it is the first project to feature our brand new, 2015 ident. This music video premiered at The Film Lab April 2015